10 Boots We Love For Winter

10 Boots We Love For Winter

And why we love them.


Boots with heels are a modern wardrobe staple (and a winter necessity), but have you considered where yours come from? Who made them? And, from what? These ten designers craft beautiful boots whilst caring for workers and the environment.

BY Brother Vellies

WHY WE LOVE THEM Their leather is sourced mindfully, they use vegetable dyes in their products, and CEO Aurora James is one of the less than 5 percent of African American women running a company today.

PRICE $815



BY Able

WHY WE LOVE THEM: Not only do they provide above a living wage to their staff, they prioritize creating a safe and stable work environment for women trapped in generational poverty.

PRICE $233



BY Beyond Skin

WHY WE LOVE THEM Made from PETA-approved vegan leather and produced in closely-monitored factories in Spain, you can be assured no humans, animals, or small children were harmed in the making of these boots.

PRICE $195



BY Marais US

WHY WE LOVE THEM Locally made in LA, the citrus hue will brighten up your denim staples.

PRICE $350



BY Matt & Nat

WHY WE LOVE THEM Made from vegan leather and produced by a company committed to transparency.

PRICE $140


BY Stella McCartney from THE REAL REAL

WHY WE LOVE THEM Made from 100 percent vegan leather and minimal environmental impact because they're preloved. Double win.

PRICE $395




BY Matisse

WHY WE LOVE THEM Handcrafted from vegan leather.




BY Rafa

WHY WE LOVE THEM Handmade from vegan leather in a small LA-based factory.

PRICE $400



BY Nisolo

WHY WE LOVE THEM Not only are they handmade in an ethical factory in Mexico, but Nisolo will take them back when you are done with them as part of their shoe reclamation program.

PRICE $238



BY Everlane

WHY WE LOVE THEM Exceptional quality, ethical factories and radical transparency.

PRICE $225


By: Lauren Bush

Cover Photo: Sandra Semburg

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