Stylish Changemakers to Follow on Instagram

Stylish Changemakers to Follow on Instagram

To inspire the activist within.

At it’s best, Instagram inspires, informs, and mobilizes us. At it’s worst, well, you already know. The women on our list are just a mere sampling of the many who work tirelessly to spread a message of radical justice. Many offer a call to action that is as simple as registering to vote, (if you are eligible to vote, and haven’t registered, do it now) to changing how you think about race and gender. Remember, spreading information and engaging with these calls to action is crucial to produce real and lasting change.

Brittany Packnett @mspackyetti

If you are in need of emotional, political, and style motivation, look no further than Brittany Packnett's Instagram. An educator, activist, writer, and podcaster, who is currently teaching a course at Harvard University about social change, Brittany’s feed presents a mix of hard facts, context activism, and compassion under the motto: “Joy is resistance.” Words that motivate in this moment...

Danai Gurira @danaigurira

You may know Danai Gurira as a superstar best known for her roles in “The Walking Dead” and Marvel’s “Black Panther,” but she is also an accomplished activist and playwright. An eloquent critic of social inequity through her stories and plays, Gurira is the also the founder of two nonprofits dedicated to serving and telling the stories of underserved communities: Love our Girls and Almasi Arts. We love to follow her on the big screen and on our phone screen.

Tabitha St. Bernard Jacobs @tabithastb

Tabitha St. Bernard Jacobs knows how to make a statement. She is a fashion designer, who is also an organizer of the Women’s March. She now serves as the youth director of Women's March Youth Empower. We turn to her feed to find encouraging words, calls for action, style inspiration, and photos of her cute kid..


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📷: @mayajphoto on the roof of @thegregorynyc @caravannyc

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Renee Peters @renee.elizabethpeters

Model, blogger, and #modelmafia member, Renee Peters is often known by her blog name, Model4GreenLiving. She uses Instagram to showcase what sustainable style looks like and to raise awareness about the environment and the effects of consumerism and pollution. Her open heart speaks with candor about her journey towards activism and self-love.


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Recognize this jacket? 😱Probably do because I constantly rewear it. And I’m not afraid to post myself in it for all of my rewears because this is my reality. I have a minimal wardrobe of thoughtfully curated pieces because fast fashion is killing our planet. 🌏The notion of fashion being only as good as its ONE wear, and ONE photo, is finally changing. Buying less and choosing well is the new trend. Showing ourselves in the same thing is not a fashion crime, but on the contrary, the fashionable future.♻️⁣ ⁣ The fashion industry produces 80 billion items of clothing a year. The problems facing our planet won't be fixed if we wear things once, get our picture in them for social media, and then throw them out because we can never be seen in them again. ⁣ ⁣ I love this vintage levis jacket. It feels like it was made for me and together we have shared some of my best memories. It travels with me, goes on castings with me, and makes me feel wonderful dressed up or down. I love it and care for it like any relationship worth lasting. Rather than throwing it away as it wears, it is mended and becomes better with age.⁣ ⁣ 👉🏼Do you have items that you love to wear and wear again? Loved clothes last. What's your love story? 🤔 PLEASE LET ME KNOW IN THE COMMENTS BELOW: ✍🏼 ⁣ ⁣ Photo by me. @revenvert white tee. Vintage @levis denim jacket. Styling by @styleclosetlife. @fash_rev @fash_revusa #lovedclotheslast #reneepeters #sustainablefashion #model4greenliving #buylesschoosewell #30wears

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Jennifer Nini @jenniferbnini

Better known as “Eco Warrior Princess,” the name of her growing media brand, we like spying (is it still spying?) on Jennifer Nini’s Instagram to see how she lives her perfectly imperfect life. We’re curious to see what’s growing on her organic farm, or to find reading recommendations. The posts are aspirational and brimming with ideas on how to live like an Eco Warrior — as best as one can.

Amandla Stenberg @amandlasponsored

Being on the cover of the Time's Next Generation Leaders speaks for itself. Amandla (Zulu and Xhosa for "power") Stenberg is known for her role as Rue in The Hunger Games and recent films like The Hate U Give and Everything, Everything, but to some, is she is better recognized for her revolutionary voice to represent queer teenage girls of color across the globe.


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A young principe 🤺

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Clare Press @mrspress

Clare Press is not only a patron saint of The Frontlash, but she also wrote one of the best books we’ve read on sustainability and fashion, Wardrobe Crisis. (We also highly recommend her podcast of the same name.) Clare recently released her new book about activism, Rise and Resistwhich we can't wait to get our hands on in the United States. Did we mention she's the Sustainability Editor at Large of Vogue Australia?  We follow her to continue to learn and act on what a sustainable world should look like.


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GARAGE SALE TRAIL. What are we going to do with all this unwanted clothing? Roy Morgan Research found 1.7 million Australians buy at least 1 pair of jeans in any 4-week period. No wonder so much denim ends up in #opshops or as #landfillfashion 👖One of the #makefashioncircular principles is keep clothing in use for longer. Resale is a great way. Why not join the #garagesaletrail on October 20 & 21. Now, repurpose. Brilliant @scrapclothjulie & @thehalcyonfox took it next level custom-making me this “Trail Blazer” out of old jeans. It’s spectacular, isn’t it? Thank you ladies for this exquisite example of creative problem solving. #ReuseisRad #repurpose #ChoosetoReuse #sustainabilityeditor #upcycle #upcycleddenim @garagesaletrail

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Ebonee Davis @eboneedavis

In her TedTalk, "Black Girl Magic in the Fashion Industry," Ebonee Davis plainly states: “to be born black in America is to be born into a world that makes you feel inferior before you can even take your first step.” This racism, Davis tells us, is embedded in every aspect of society — especially fashion. Her Instagram feed shows the diverse nature of black femininity coupled with inspirational feedback like "Set goals so high that they demand an entirely different version of yourself." Thank you for the reminder, Ebonee.


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Nothing real can be threatened. 🤞🏾💙

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Karla Welch @karlawelch

Karla Welch is one of Hollywood's most powerful stylists with a client list of highly recognized names including some of our favorite voices: Amandla Stenberg (look above), Tracee Ellis Ross, Sarah Paulson, and Busy Philipps. It is an authentic style coupled with an authentic vision of a better world that makes her compelling.

Words: Eugenia Hernandez

Copy Editor: Sonjia Hyon

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