Alison Sudol’s Guide to Sustainable Fashion

Alison Sudol’s Guide to Sustainable Fashion

She shares her favorite designers from our November cover story.


Alison Sudol on Shopping

"Really starting to consider do I need this? And what is the full cost of this? It may cost 20 bucks, but what is the actual cost of this? Just taking a minute to think about that when you buy, could have a really big impact on the environment; in a way that you don’t even realize."


SWEATER Laura Siegel

PRICE $460.00 USD


BAG Cult Gaia

PRICE $598.00 USD


On clothing waste.

"I got rid of like, 80 percent of my clothes about two years ago. It was so depressing because I just looked at this car full of clothes, cars full of shit that I had accumulated. And I was like, why do I have all of this stuff? It just made me realize how addicted I had become to fashion, and how much I had that I didn’t need."

SHOES Coclico

PRICE $350.00 USD


TOP Prabal Gurung

PRICE $1,495.00 USD


On Trends.

"The plastic in certain fabrics is super destructive, the chemicals that are used in fabrics, and the dyes used, and in the space that is cleared for factories. Across the board, there are so many issues that fashion has because we have this addiction to trend."

DRESS Mara Hoffman

PRICE $475.00 USD



PRICE $3,950.00 USD


On Less is More.

"I feel like the more that I get in touch with who I am, and what I care about, and what I love putting things on my body that are that gross and wasteful, feels really bad. I would much rather have a small amount of clothes that are really beautiful, that I really care about; than huge amount of stuff that feels really junky and gross."

SKIRT Prabal Gurung

PRICE $1,145.00 USD



PRICE $598.00 USD


On Creating Change.

"One of the things that I think people don’t realize is that putting pressure on your community is one of the best things that you can do because things that start on a very local level can really grow. If you find something small and manageable like banning plastic bags in your local grocery stores, banning plastic straws—you can get other people involved."


PRICE $320.00 USD

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