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BY Richard Quinn

WHY WE LOVE IT Richard Quinn has only had his namesake label since 2016, but has already made a name for himself. He was not only the recipient of the H&M Design Award in 2017, but Queen Elizabeth II attended at the presentation of his second womenswear collection. (Her first ever appearance at a fashion show!) Quinn uses digital printing for his distinctive designs, which compared to the traditional printing process, allows him to use up to 70 percent less water and 80 percent less energy when creating his garments.



BY Mother of Pearl

WHY WE LOVE IT Since Amy Powney was appointed creative director of UK-based Mother of Pearl, she has been on a mission to incorporate ethical and sustainable standards across the brand's DNA. They have since worked to team up with "factories, suppliers, and farmers who care about the environment and it's inhabitants," dubbed their studio a plastic-bottle-free zone, and have a package-free vegetarian lunch sourced from local organic produce.



BY Veja

WHY WE LOVE IT Veja sneakers enjoy a cult status thanks to their sleek design, low-key marketing approach, and serious sustainability chops. All parts of the shoe-making process aim for minimal environmental impact and maximum benefit to workers from the organic cotton farms in Brazil  to the rubber that is tapped by people in the Amazon using traditional techniques to the way the shoes are packaged and transported. The sneakers look good with everything, are comfortable, and long-lasting.



BY Bianca Spender

WHY WE LOVE IT Australian-born Bianca Spender is considered in her design process and her namesake label's impact on the world. Accredited by Ethical Clothing Australia, Bianca Spender supports local industry (all garments are designed and manufactured in Australia), uses mostly natural and biodegradable fabrics, and at least 50 percent deadstock fabric that would otherwise go to landfill.



BY Bassike

WHY WE LOVE IT  Bassike's aesthetic of basics with a twist have us hooked. The Bassike philosophy centers on high-quality design and construction with a commitment to sustainable manufacturing.



BY Everlane

WHY WE LOVE IT This direct-to-consumer brand quickly became a favorite of ethical clothing lovers for its culture of "radical transparency," and collections that were well-priced, high-quality, and thoughtfully designed. Their focus on transparent pricing and fair factory working conditions has been commendable, and, as of 2018, they are starting to incorporate sustainable fabrics into their clothing line making the move from ethical to ethical and sustainable.



BY Reformation

WHY WE LOVE IT Reformation's commitment to employing and measuring sustainable practices is best evidenced by their "Ref Scale," an a rundown of the carbon, water, and waste savings for each garment. Reformation's list of sustainable initiatives is long and comprehensive from  fabric sourcing and dyeing practices to fair wages for factory workers and ensuring their stores are built as sustainably as possible. Also, their clothes are really cute.



BY Filippa K

WHY WE LOVE IT Filippa K is a Swedish clothing company that combines sharp, classic design with sustainability and transparency. Their site offers a crash course in sustainable clothing from detailed fabric descriptions to lessons in garment care to extend the life of your clothing. They also offer a clothing lease option encouraging you to "temporarily own additional pieces instead of stacking up for the sake of it." They also welcome you to return your unwanted Filippa K garments in exchange for a 15 percent discount voucher. The pieces are then sold in their second-hand store or donated to select humanitarian organization.



BY Andra Neen

WHY WE LOVE IT Every Andra Neen piece is handcrafted by artisans in their workshop in Mexico City. The designers, Phoebe and Annette Stephens work closely with the artisans in their workshop and believe in the importance of handmade luxury.



BY Kalaurie

WHY WE LOVE IT Australian brand Kalaurie believes so strongly in reducing textile waste that all pieces are made to order. Garments are  handcrafted in their Melbourne studio by Kalaurie and her team. They wish to see their designs, which are made predominantly from deadstock fabric, worn for a  lifetime and offer complimentary repairs.



BY Girlfriend Collective

WHY WE LOVE IT Workout wear band Girlfriend Collective hits all the right notes for a conscious millennial consumer; inclusive sizing, Instagrammable styles, created from recycled PET bottles, and dyed using OEKO-certified safe dyes. If you need a reason to get to the gym, this is one.



BY Monique Pean

WHY WE LOVE IT Monique Pean's pieces are an investment, but one worth making if you can afford it. Her pieces are handcrafted in New York City using sustainably gathered materials such as 18k recycled gold and recycled platinum, from around the globe through fair trade partnerships. Pean's designs are modern, timeless and one of a kind.



BY Irwin Garden

WHY WE LOVE IT Irwin Garden is passionate about manufacturing in New York. The quality and craftsmanship of each of their garments is of the utmost importance, and the team is part of every step of the production process. By manufacturing locally, Irwin Garden can oversee the cutting and sewing of the collection, have transparency in the supply chain, and continue to support the skilled workers and businesses in New York City's garment district.



BY Maggie Marilyn

WHY WE LOVE IT New Zealand based designer on the rise, Maggie Marilyn, has a love for community and design that has a femme flair with teeth. Her collections are manufactured locally from sustainable fabrics, and this year she introduced fully biodegradable packaging made from root starch, vegetable oil, and a vegetable polymer created by Complast.



BY Tome

WHY WE LOVE IT Australian-born, New York-based Tome have had feminism, inclusivity, and diversity baked into their brand ethos since they launched in 2011. In 2013, they made the decision to introduce sustainable fabrics and practices into their collections, thus making themselves more accountable to their political mission.



BY Pansy Co

WHY WE LOVE IT Pansy underwear tick every box that underwear should. Made of organic cotton that is milled, grown and dyed domestically, they come in a variety of cute colors and cuts and are so comfortable you'll forget you are wearing underwear at all.



BY Swedish Stockings

WHY WE LOVE IT Hosiery is one of the most disposable garments we buy, usually lasting just one wear before being discarded. They are also usually made of nylon, a petroleum product, so finding a sustainable alternative is a great first step to cleaning up your closet.  Swedish Stockings are made of sustainable and recycled materials in zero-waste factories plus they accept your used pantyhose (from any brand) which they put to use elsewhere and will send a 15 percent discount code for your planet-saving effort.



BY Stella McCartney

WHY WE LOVE IT Stella McCartney's eponymous label has always been a values-led, starting with her refusal to use leather in the collections, an idea that raised eyebrows in the luxury fashion world. She has since become an outspoken sustainable fashion advocate and recently announced her plans to launch a UN charter on sustainable fashion to work with high fashion brands on ways to reduce their carbon footprint.



BY Behno

WHY WE LOVE IT Behno not only designs bags to fall in love with, their goal is to "revolutionize the way garment workers are treated, viewed, and employed," specifically, in India. As part of this mission, Behno has teamed up with a non-profit in India to create and build a new model of a garment factory in rural Gujarat that focuses on women's rights, eco-practices, family planning, health, garment worker mobility, and worker satisfaction and benefits.



BY Kowtow

WHY WE LOVE IT Founded in 2007 by founder and creative director, Gosia Patek, Kowtow collections are made entirely with sustainably and ethically-sourced materials that are certified by non-profit internationally recognized organizations and all packaging from tags to bags is made from sustainably sourced FSC-certified paper and is recyclable.



BY Dôen

WHY WE LOVE IT At the core of the Dôen brand is gender equality. Formed by a collective of California-based women, the brand's mission is to create vintage-inspired clothing for women, by women, and ensure that the women who make their clothing work in equitable conditions.



BY Patagonia

WHY WE LOVE IT Patagonia has dubbed itself the activist company and for good reason. They are a certified B Corp company who for almost 40 years, have supported grassroots activists working to find solutions to the environmental crisis. They encourage employees to participate in environmental initiatives and give 1 percent of sales to support environmental organizations around the world. Better still, their bags are durable and you can bring them in for repair at any time.




WHY WE LOVE IT Australian-designed, Bulgarian-made cult-favorite shoe brand By FAR has teamed up with California-based Reformation on a must-have collection of shoes crafted from deadstock leather. We are coveting the whole collection.


Cover Photo: Bec Lorrimer

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