It’s 2019, Go Ahead, Treat Yo-self.

It’s 2019, Go Ahead, Treat Yo-self.

Our editor’s top 8 sustainable underwear brands.

We each have rituals and routines to mark the start of a new year. Some burn sage and recite positive affirmations, while others drink to excess and dance until the sun comes up. For me, the only way to kick the year off correctly is with a fresh batch of organic, sustainable underwear. I can't recommend enough you try it for yourself and whether your panty style is small and sexy or soft and sensible, we have you covered.


BY Araks

WHY WE LOVE THEM Since it launched in 2000, Araks has been dedicated to mindful production practices and supporting local, women-run factories in New York. Araks's designers work with a core color palette season after season so that you can replace a worn pair and it will still match your existing pieces.




BY Sloane & Tate

WHY WE LOVE THEM Made from sustainably-sourced fabrics (like US-grown organic Supima cotton) that is  milled locally in Los Angeles, this underwear is also designed and sewn in Los Angeles.



BY Skin

WHY WE LOVE THEM High on our checklist of needs from our underwear is comfort and the aptly named Skin delivers. This thong, made of 91% organic Pima cotton, is super soft and you will want to live in them, even though we recommend you should eventually take it off, .



BY Hara

WHY WE LOVE THEM Australian brand, Hara, is painstakingly committed to an ethical and sustainable supply chain throughout the production of their garments from seed to customer. Hara pieces are made using OEKO-TEX 100 approved organic bamboo (a hypoallergenic fabric) and natural plant dyes extracted from turmeric, indigo, and madder root. Finally, it is sewn and dyed in a factory committed to their employees in Melbourne, Australia.



BY Pansy Co.

WHY WE LOVE THEM Pansy Co. products are made in California from 100% organic, US-grown cotton. These panties are fully compostable, so you can return them to the earth when you're done. While you're on their site, make sure to browse all of their dreamy look books.



BY Pact

WHY WE LOVE THEM If you're looking for comfortable, affordable, organic cotton underwear made in fair trade certified factories (and, really, who isn't?) look no further than Pact. You will likely find yourself heading to their site for the underwear and staying for the tees, workout gear, and hoodies. They are a one-stop organic basics shop.



BY Reformation

WHY WE LOVE THEM Seriously, is there anything Reformation can't do? If you still think Reformation is your go-to for summery vintage-inspired sustainable dresses, we're here to tell you times have changed. We love their jeans, shoes, bags, coats, and, now, lingerie. These panties are sustainably made in Italy from 83% recycled nylon and 17% elastane, and we are having a hard time keeping them out of our shopping cart.



BY  Anekdot

WHY WE LOVE THEM Ok, we'll admit, the idea of upcycled underwear didn't sound very sexy to us. But a quick glance through Berlin-based Anekdot's handcrafted collection of lingerie immediately changed our mind and had us handing over our credit card for all the upcycled lingerie on offer. To be clear, we aren't talking about recycled underwear: Anekdot sources luxury deadstock new and vintage fabric and trims to and lines their luxurious underwear with GOTS-certified organic cotton offcuts.


Fashion Editor: Lauren Bush

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