How To Host a Clothing Swap

And why it’s better than shopping.

Is it just me, or have we stopped borrowing clothes from our friends? There was a time when you had a date with someone that was a little too attractive or a job interview that you wanted so much you would forgo eating — it was the perfect excuse to spend hours with your closest friend, tearing through her closet and trying everything on until you found “the look”. Now that bonding time seems to have been replaced with a trip to Zara and sending dressing room selfies to friends for the thumbs up emoji before posting them to Instagram. I promise, not nearly as fun as the in-person experience.

Whether or not you still use a wardrobe crisis as a social occasion, a clothing swap is an activity I recommend not only as a chance to reconnect with friends but more importantly, to raid (and keep!) their unworn clothes.

A few weeks ago, in commemoration of Fashion Revolution week, model and Model Activists member Renee Peters, in collaboration with Fashion Revolution and Maiyet Collective hosted a clothing swap in NYC. We tagged along to find out what a clothing swap is, why they are a great way to update your wardrobe for the summer, and how to host one of your own.

Never one to waste an opportunity to broaden her friend’s horizons, Renee’s clothing swap also featured a panel with herself, Hillary Latham from Thinx, Executive Director of Fashion Revolution USA Lauren Fay, Jennifer Fontao of Maiyet Collective and Livia Paula of Round Plus Square to discuss fashion, health, and sustainability. But, you can just have everyone bring wine and clothes when you host yours and have equally as good a time.

Video : Laura Jones

Words: Laura Jones

Copy Editor: Sonjia Hyon

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