How to Make an Eye Mask

How to Make an Eye Mask

Using upcycled materials.

Have some fabric that you love but on an item that doesn't quite fit right or anymore? Why not repurpose it into an eye mask. These eye masks are easy to make and filled with rice that can be heated up (for pain) or cooled down (for depuffing). We mixed the rice with dried flowers to add some lovely scents (see the benefits below). You can also add drops of your favorite essential oils for maximum rejuvenation.


What you will need:
A piece of paper or cardboard
2 pieces of fabric (around 4 inches by 8 inches)
Needle and thread
Elastic band or ribbon
Empty tea bags or similar gauze like pouch
Dried flowers and/or essential oils


Step 1

Cut two rectangles of fabric, measuring roughly 4.8inches,  from your repurposed garment.


Step 2

Outline the shape of your mask (you can trace around sunglasses, an existing eye mask, or freehand it) on paper.
Then, pin the paper onto your two pieces of fabric and cut around the fabric following the outline of the mask shape.

Measure the elastic to fit around half of your head with a little extra leftover.


Step 3

Place the two cut out pieces of fabric on top of each with the outward side for eaching facing in. You'll sew these together inside out to later hide the stitching.

Place the elastic in the middle of the two pieces of fabric and pin together.


Step 4

Sew around the edges of the fabric, making sure to include the elastic. Make sure to keep one side open so that you can place your rice and/or flower pouches inside.


Step 5

Fill two empty tea bags with rice and dried flowers (or some drops of oil). Fill until you think both are good sizes to fit inside your mask, one for each eye.


Step 6

Once sewn almost all of the way around, flip the fabric and elastic inside out so that the right side of the fabric is outward facing. Insert the rice/dried flower pouches into the mask.

Sew the last piece closed and voila, your eye mask is ready, for some calming slumber, a pick me up, a nap, or to shut off from the world for a second.

By: Chloe Norgaard and Liberty Leben