How to buy and sell second hand clothing

How to buy and sell second hand clothing

Using the world’s largest online thrift store

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Welcome to our Wardrobe Wednesday video series. If you love fashion and love the planet this is the place for you. Did you know that one garbage truck of clothing is burned or landfilled every second? That’s 26 billion pounds of textiles wasted each year.  Is that as bad for the planet as it sounds? Yes. This is a huge problem for the environment But also, the average Americans buy 66 garments a year and only wears 30% of them which is just wasted money sitting in your closet, or going to landfill.

In this episode, The Frontlash founder, Laura Jones, explains how she keeps clothing out of landfill for longer by shopping and selling clothing online using the world's largest resale platform: ThredUp.  ThredUp allows you to responsibly retire your unworn clothing, offers an affordable way to shop, and offers variety and hard-to-find pieces. If you’ve never shopped second hand before, this is the time to give it a try.