June in the Sky

Monthly horocope by Mark Ashmore


June is busting at the too-small summer shorts seams and moving into a planetary configuration that will be in our skies until October. Over the next four months, we will see an astronomical dance between Mars and the invisible south node of the moon Ketu. Now I’m sure you’re asking what do these two represent, why is this conjunction important and how do you even say Ketu (Kay-too)?

Mars is the fight within us; the assertive/extroverted or masculine warrior inside of us. Yes, this can mean violence and aggression on the negative spectrum or more positively the oomph to act and to drive our passions to fruition. We all have Mars, we just use him in different ways according to our chart and personal development. Ketu is often associated with Mars, but unlike Mars, Ketu isn't a planet — it is one of the lunar nodes (2 points on the Sun's path around the earth that when intersected with the Moon cause eclipses). Lunar nodes are bathed in mystery and confusion. Being invisible they absorb other planets or luminaries along their travels too. Ketu represents detachment, where we retreat, spiritual quests for liberation, alternative lifestyles and past karma.

Therefore the meeting of Mars and Ketu is an interesting cocktail indeed. Both are fiery, aggressive, and can cause an accident or two (watch out with said cocktails around your white post-memorial day linens). This may sound —well, brutal — but the accidents are there to wake us up and see the truth! (Why are you wearing white at a bar anyway?!). Where do your clothes come from? Who makes them? What are they made from? Ketu reminds us that our attachments to the material world and our actions have consequences greatly affecting our future karma. Karma: what an over-abused word these days. I like to quote Isaac Newton to bring it back to its simplicity "For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction".

These next few months are an interesting time on the global front; hopefully, more transformative than violent. Fight the good fight and use the detachment when necessary on the way you style yourself. Personally, for us all, it will affect us differently due to our charts — though those with Aries and Scorpio (particularly the Moon or ascendant) in their natal charts will feel this energy strongly and may just be at the next protest for sustainable fashion. Collectively, it will either feel fuelled with a lot of fire physically, which can definitely be constructive if harnessed correctly or alternatively it can go the opposite way and have us switching off. Sometimes the numbing of a certain arena of life is there to show us how disillusioned or dependent we have become on something which we need to release the reins on. Go slowly and mindfully this month and use as much prowess as you can muster.

Stay light,
Mark 🙂

Words: Mark Ashmore

Copy Editor: Sonjia Hyon