Need Some Vintage Style Inspiration?

Need Some Vintage Style Inspiration?

These are our go-to Instagram accounts for second-hand style inspiration.

Growing up, thrift shopping was out of necessity rather than sport, but my mom made it a stylish adventure. She would rifle through the racks, and find overlooked finds like a vintage white silk blouse with covered buttons and puffed sleeves in mint condition. She taught me to look at the seams to judge the quality, and read the tag to detect the fabric (never polyester).
Since then, thrift or vintage shopping has become an art (not to mention the sustainable choice for fashion fix). We’ve honed in on some of our favorite vintage Instagrammers to follow for our vintage shopping and style inspiration needs.

If you’re a minimalist, the idea of thrifting probably terrifies you, but we’ve found an IG account to assuage your fears. We follow this LA-based store’s Instagram to find inspiration for new basics. They carry vintage one-of-a-kind pieces with delicate lace trim and contemporary sustainable brands like Baserange all of them in neutral, washed hues for a versatile look. Last year, they carried pieces by the designer Mileno Silvana that we’re still dreaming about owning.



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Shrimpton Couture
If I could redo my wedding look all over again, this is where I would go. Anyone trying to find a casual outfit for a spring/summer rehearsal dinner? Maybe this? It’s not surprising that Shrimpton Couture is the celebrity go-to place for singular looks. (Kate Hudson is a superfan—if you care about such things.) And, how can you not love this dress by Sybil Connolly?


Desert Vintage
If modesty is your style, and you’ve been coveting a Batsheva dress to add to your wardrobe, we suggest maybe perusing Desert Vintage instead? This vintage store in Tucson, Arizona is a source for desirous quality pieces. Take a look at this vintage YSL or this Marimekko? Things snap up quickly, so it’s worth a daily perusal.


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Vintage pieces designed to warm are newly available online at www.desertvintage.com #desertvintage

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Op Shop to Runway
Can I make vintage look modern? Is a common and valid question we’re asked by vintage-fashion novices and Aussie stylist Alex van Os proves, “Yes!” She turned a childhood hobby of mining neighborhood “op shops” (i.e. opportunity shops, a.k.a. thrift stores) to a mission of both teaching how to shop at thrift stores in her tours, and style purchases. Her finds are poppy and for those with maximalist leanings.


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S U M M E R | When life gives you lemons, make an epic outfit! All thrifted from @redcrossshops 🍋🍋🍋

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The Archive
If you were like us, you grew up secretly thumbing through the fat fashion magazines from London or Paris in bookstores and newsstands before you were shoo-ed away or accosted to pay. One of the defining magazines was The Face, a celebration of fashion via 90s youth culture’s insouciance. The style was aspirational, but achievable. For some of us the The Archive serves as nostalgia, but we can now see where Kendall Jenner gets her current style inspiration.


Josie Stardust
If The Archive captures the Zeitgeist of the 90s, Josie Stardust harks us back to the 50s, 60s, and 70s in its fullest prism of patterned possibilities. The mood board of looks is curated by stylist Josie McManus, who does us the favor of coupling vintage style inspiration with available vintage pieces from her online store of the same name. We can’t help but wonder what her closet looks like.

Words: Sonjia Hyon

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