New Year, New Goals

New Year, New Goals

Our contributors share their sustainability goals for 2019.

This year, our goal is to find ways to be engaged and committed to creating actions that will support a sustainable culture for our environment, our communities, and ourselves. We’ve asked our friends to help inspire us throughout the year.


Maggie Marilynfashion designer
"In 2019, one of my own personal goals, and something the Maggie Marilyn team wants to be a part of too, is to organize a beach clean-up group. To create a community of like-minded people to meet one day a month, and spend it cleaning up our shorelines across the Auckland region in New Zealand.”


Dotti, make-up artist
“Stop looking for validation from others in the form of social media. You need to be content with yourself find the inner peace to sustain a healthy mindset.


Robyn Lawley, model
“This year I want to improve my ecological footprint. My family and I are adopting a plant based diet and we are actively looking into adopting solar for our energy needs. I hope 2019 can be our greenest yet.”


Arpana Rayamajhi, jewelry designer
“My sustainability goal is to consume less and if I stray away from it I will treat it like my mind during meditation — always guiding back to what I set out to do. Food and fashion must be addressed especially in the first world where everything is consumed in excess. We are all making new ways to consume which is good but we should shift the conversation to also: consuming less not just buying anything that says ‘organic’ and ‘sustainable.'”


Alden Wicker, founder, Ecocult
“In 2019 my mantra is: ‘think systematically.’ Instead of judging people for doing what most people consider ‘normal’ — accepting a straw, buying conventional clothing, flying to their vacation — I will ask myself how we can advocate for a system that supports and encourages better choices — straw bans, tariffs systems that punish toxic fast fashion, and a carbon fee and dividend scheme. We can do that by getting political and donating to organizations working on these issues!"


Christine Suarez, photographer
“At home: Further reduce our use of single-use plastics. For example, switching to bar soaps and cosmetics with less packaging. Politically: Organize and support GREEN legislative initiatives locally and federally.”


Dominique Drakeford, founder, Melaninass
“In 2019, I'm contributing (now more than ever) by making sure that WOC and Black women, in particular, are visible in sustainability spaces. I'm working to support us across the industry and uplift the Black visual and textual contributions that have been invisible for centuries.


Laura Jones, editor in chief, The Frontlash
“My overall goal for 2019 is to remain curious and engaged; to ask endless questions even when I think I know the answer (or am afraid of what the answer might be) and to listen to and research the answers thoroughly,  thoughtfully, and with an open mind. I'll also be fighting for a Green New Deal and volunteering for political candidates who support strong climate action."


Ciaraleaf Meaney, creative director, The Frontlash
"I started my journey in the sustainable fashion space last year, I broke up with fast fashion easily and have discovered so many brilliant alternative brands, my goal this year is to continue to hunt for cool sustainable brands and to champion them by bringing them to a wider audience. On a more personal level, plastic is on the agenda. I'm pro-actively cutting down how much I use and am gearing up for the plastic-free July challenge."



Sonjia Hyon, managing editor, The Frontlash
“My two new resolutions for 2019 is to find empathy and listen — not to respond with hyperbole or dismissals. The second is to insert more color into my monochrome wardrobe. A few years ago when I decided to develop a more sustainable wardrobe and stop bargain shopping, I switched to neutral tones. Now that I have curbed my appetite for sales, and have learned to make mindful choices when buying clothes, I actually buy less and savor the clothes I own more. It’s also helped me save thousands of dollars in the last five years or so. No joke.”


Lauren Bush, costume designer
“Deep diving on a different issue or sustainable lifestyle change each month of the year. A new topic, a new book and a new plan for each month. Building up to my biggest challenge of all: a Zero Waste Christmas season.”

Cover Photo: Kate Owen