Rebecca Hall on her Sustainable Style

And why a conscious closet matters to her.

Rebecca Hall is a rare beauty and talent, and everything you're not supposed to be in her industry: humble, gracious, thoughtful and real. Her impeccable style reflects those traits - check out her spring looks featuring her favorite conscious fashion brands.

In February, we spent a day learning about Rebecca's style icons, how she feels about the red carpet, and why she thinks conscious fashion is essential. All while secretly wondering to ourselves, can a smile really be that radiant? I mean, really though, this lady’s' smile is something else.


DRESS  Zero + Maria Cornejo




How would you describe your personal style?

It's somewhere on the spectrum of comfort minimal, whilst also being slightly whimsical.


What's your favorite thing to wear?

There is a piece of clothing that I realize I buy again, and again, and again, and that I always wear when I can't think of anything else to wear, and that is essentially like a variation on a buttoned-down shirt dress. I have many variances of this item of clothing, and I'll stick that on with some trainers, and that will be the end of it.

SHIRT Misha Nonoo


Is there anyone whose style you admire?

I just watched Joan Didion's documentary, and I kept thinking, lady looks good in a sweater, so Joan Didion.


How do you decide what to wear on the red carpet?

I suppose I think about what the event is, and I think about what's going to be the most fun to wear to it. It's as simple as that. I think do I feel fun in this? it's a good indicator.


TOP Maison Margiela @ The RealReal

TOP Patagonia
SKIRT Dries Van Noten



Is it an extension of your day dressing?

It's totally different actually, with red carpet dressing there is an element of fantasy that that's necessary. You know, glamour, so it’s also fun to lean into. I like to be more fantastical than I would be in my day-to-day life.


What does conscious fashion mean to you?

Conscious fashion means being responsible about the clothes you put on your body, in terms of where they've been made, how they've been made, what the material is, manufacturing…. It's really important to me. I think: buy well, buy once.

Director: Sam Shannon

Photography: Kate Owen

Director of Photography: Ryan De Franco

Stylist: Laura Jones

Make-Up: Dotti

Hair: Jordan M

Stylist Assistant: Krystal Benson

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