The Frontlash Guide to COVID-19

Here is a list of what we are watching, reading, and listening to to keep sane and informed during the COVID outbreak:


  • If you suspect you might have coronavirus but are unsure of the symptoms or what to do this Vox article answered many of our questions




  • We have mixed emotions after watching “Hillary”—we mourn the leadership that could have been and relish Mrs Clinton’s style evolution 


  • Is the cure worse than the cause? Social distancing is currently the only known way to “flatten the curve” of coronavirus but for many the shelter in place rules are challenging, to say the least. In this podcast host Ezra Klein seeks a thoughtful and compassionate answer to this question currently being asked by the President


  • Unsure whether you’re meant to quarantine, isolate, or shelter in place and what the difference is between each? This glossary of corona-terms sheds light


  • Donald Glover released a new album that we can’t stop listening to: 3.15.20



  • The future is uncertain, why not use this time to send a letter to your future self that will automatically be delivered in one, three, or five years time


  • If you are in a position to donate, this relief fund supports a cross section of communities in need


  • We’ve shared this video of Dr David Price of Weill Cornell Medical Center explaining calmly and clearly how to protect you and your family from infection with friends and family across the globe


  • Trapped at home with little to do? This is a perfect time to reorganize your closet for “the other side” and perfect your clothing mending skills. We are revisiting posts on how to do this here, here, and here




  • Not only are we changing our daily routines (and expectations) during the coronavirus shutdown, we are using the time to think big about societal change as is author and economist Dr. Marianna Mazzucato. Her book, The Value of Everything is top of our reading list right now 



  • If you’ve enjoyed the Tiktok videos currently circulating to remind us to wash our hands, take a moment to better know the man who discovered the lifesaving impact of handwashing


Illustration: Angelina Bambina

Written by: Laura Jones

Edited by : Sonjia Hyon

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