What’s on our Mind?

What’s on our Mind?

Things to read, listen, and watch this weekend.

The joyful resistance of the women in white, and noting the pleasurable moments of the State of the Union.


Is there such a thing as an ethical consumer?


Why we learn that Rosa Parks was too tired to walk to the back of the bus, Eli Whitney isn't black, and the other lessons taught during black history month.


We applaud the EU for taking a stance and saying bye-bye to single-use plastics by 2021.


We’re doing our quarterly closet purging! Want to join us? Here is why a messy closet costs you money, time, and happiness. Here’s some tips on where to sell, donate or recycle.


Because the wages of Bangladeshi garment workers aren’t only responsible for subsidizing fast fashion’s cheap prices, but also designers like Perry Ellis’s profit margins.


If you need to supplement our Frontlash Finds on sustainable winter gear like sweaters and boots, check out Alden’s guide on cozy winter things.


We know you’ve been thinking, “What is the green deal?” Here’s a good brief.


There is nothing sustainable about glitter, but this is fascinating.


What Pantone’s Color of the Year means in the face of the devastating reports of climate change.


You might think sustainability is serious business, but there’s been a couple of times when we cried from laughing so hard after watching this. Been rewatching this in preparation for the new season to relieve our S.A.D.

Words: Sonjia Hyon

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