Things We Got (and love!)

Things We Got (and love!)

And why stuff still brings us joy.

In the spirit of Marie Kondo (have you seen her new Netflix series?!), we believe that part of a sustainable spirit is not just buying less, or buying clothes, products, and things that are sustainable, but buying (or giving and receiving) things that spark joy.

Joy is not the same as satisfying a lack like the year I bought something from J.Crew every month to fulfill a teenage fantasy wardrobe that I couldn’t afford when I was 16 years old. But joy: like a good scratch to an itchy foot or the crunch of a perfect french fry.

We like to emphasize that we are not sustainable ascetics, we delight in shopping, we crave new additions for our wardrobe, we are grateful to receive gifts, but we also want to savor each purchase, appreciate each gift. So, here’s our bi-monthly list of things we got that we love:

I don’t know if its age, hormones, or winter, or perhaps a combination of all those things, but my scaly skin is a real downer this winter. I finally turned to my old friend: May Lindstrom’s Blue Cocoon. Yes, it’s $180, but even my organic chia seed facial oil, which usually solves miracles, couldn’t solve the wan greyness. A little dab goes a long way, and makes your skin feel nourished and luxurious.
– Sonjia Hyon

All my winter layering dreams can now come true with this white, cropped turtleneck from Reformation. Name one outfit that isn't instantly improved with the addition of white turtleneck, I'll wait... Still waiting….
– Laura Jones

A happy client gave me this La La Land reusable coffee cup designed with pretty cockatoos. It’s BPA-free and biodegradable!! It makes me happy since it keeps my hot beverages hot and cold beverages cold.
– Lauren Bush

As part of my goals to try to go plastic-free in our home, I purchased bamboo toothbrushes for the entire family. There was weariness on whether or not bamboo toothbrushes would give as clean of a feeling, but it’s not crap, and it actually feels like it brushes my teeth! My husband doesn’t hate it and is happy with the conversion. Plus I’m one tiny step closer to a plastic free home.
– Ciaraleaf Meaney

My boyfriend (!!!) gave me red tulips the night he asked me to be his “official” girlfriend. I’m obsessed with flowers and nature, and tulips happen to be one of my favorites since they are feminine with a little bit of edge. I loved that they were romantic, but not traditional like red roses (nothing against them though!). Creativity even in the romantic details is always something special.
Eugenia Hernandez

Words: Sonjia Hyon

Photographer: Bec Lorrimer