What We’re Giving

What We’re Giving

To loved ones this Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day can sometimes feel designed to make miserable people feel even more miserable, but we believe the holiday is best celebrated with humor, levity, and a touch of wickedness—all from a sustainable heart. Here’s what we’re giving to celebrate those we love and admire.


For my daughter, I’m treating her to her first experience of strawberry ice cream with sprinkles from Ample Hills, an ice cream store in our neighborhood, because it’s something that we’ve been promising to her for a while. For Eric, the dude I’m married to, I’m going to make him lasagna because he shares the same passions as Garfield. – Sonjia Hyon, managing editor


My husband and I have a tradition for Valentine’s, which started when we were dating in London. We didn’t want to go out to celebrate nor did we want to cook, so we got a kind of simple yet fancy take out. Mussels moulinier from our local chipper with a side of chips, the really greasy kind that come wrapped in newsprint with tons of vinegar. We had cans of Guinness to go with it or maybe some Champagne.
Now we no longer live in London, but we keep it alive by making it ourselves on Valentine’s each year, even wrapping our own chips in newsprint to get the desired greasy effect. For the Irish and the Brits, chips can be deeply romantic, conjuring up memories of youthful night escapades with friends, and always sharing bags of chips at the end. – Ciaraleaf Meaney, creative director


I’m pampering the people I love with the things they love the most. For my mom, that means chocolate! HU Kitchen, our favorite chocolate bars, released some new incredible flavors (plus have a current discount code: HUBABY for 15% off!). For my roommate and best friend, her greatest source of self-care happiness are Lush’s Bath Bombs. Finally, for my boyfriend, I'm coming up with fun five "experience" gifts, one for each of the senses. (My favorite is tickets for the Color Factory in NYC). – Eugenia Hernandez, social media


My husband works out of town on Valentine’s Day, so in our pre-child days I would travel to meet him and we would take advantage of the free fancy hotel and find somewhere fun locally to eat. Now, I stay home with my daughter and we find a (child-friendly) restaurant in our neighborhood and enjoy our own little romantic dinner for two. As a gift for my husband this year I am going to set up a shared digital calendar for us. There’s nothing more romantic (or sustainable for a relationship) than organization. – Laura Jones, editor in chief


My husband bought me the SIMPLE by Ottolenghi cookbook for Christmas because he knows I love to cook. Food is a passion of mine and it’s also how I express my love. As I’ll be working away for Valentine’s Day this year, we celebrated early. Over the weekend I asked him to choose some recipes from that book for me to make him. The harissa and confit garlic roast potatoes were a hit! – Lauren Bush, contributing fashion editor

Words: Sonjia Hyon