Winter Reads for Mental Health

Winter Reads for Mental Health

Books to find courage, speak up, and engage with the world around us.

2019 is about empowerment for us. Hence, the books that we’ve kicked off the year reading are about finding meaningful ways to find courage, speak up, and engage with the world around us as feminine spirits and women.


Usually, I’m reading three to four books at one time, but I wanted to call out two: Brené Brown’s Daring Greatly and Women Who Run with the Wolves (a permanent fixture on our reading list). If you haven’t seen Brené Brown’s TED talk on vulnerability yet, I urge you to do so, her book Daring Greatly, is what the TED talk is based on, and only reemphasizes her argument that by leaning into our vulnerability it taps into our greatest potential. – Sonjia Hyon, managing editor


As part of my Fermentation February sustainability plan, I’ve been learning all about the art of “wild fermentation” from Sandor Ellis Katz. This book not only teaches you about the art of activism through food, but how to make pickles, bread, cheese, cider and so much more. It’s equal parts delicious, practical, and interesting.
The last piece of fiction I read was The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood, which kicked off my resolution to educate myself wholly. If you’ve only watched the TV show (or haven’t), I highly recommend the read. – Lauren Bush, contributing fashion editor


Because I practice what I preach, I recently finished re-reading Women Who Run with the Wolves and it provided an important reminder that nurturing our creative life should be top priority for mental health. My next winter read will be The Power, by Naomie Alderman. I’m making a concerted effort to read more fiction this year to help nourish my creative side. – Laura Jones, founder


I have just finished The Power, by Naomie Alderman a fun, gripping story about female world domination. I have two books lined up to read next, Women Who Run with the Wolves because Laura keeps banging on that I am definitely a wolf, and then AA Gill’s Pour Me: A Life. My sister who has a high literary standard, loved it and I’m excited to find out why. – Ciaraleaf Meaney, creative director

Words: Sonjia Hyon

Photographer: Lee O'Connor